Thursday 21st March- Over 50’s Match

Thursday 21st March- Skylark Lake (30 Anglers)

The pressure of some many anglers have put the fishing off today. Neil Hallett ( Furness Angling Club)  was able to show everyone the way by fishing 11.5m with pellet to catch some big fish to 8lb off peg 38 to win the match with 68lb 2oz. In Second place was Rod Asher (Westwood Lakes) from peg 32 with 66lb 14oz. In third Jeff Duggan (Westwood Lakes) from peg 35 with 61lb 0oz. In Fourth was Super star Kev Raven (Westwood Lakes) from peg 17 with 51lb 8oz.

  1. Neil Hallett ( Furness Angling Club) Peg 38- 68lb 2oz
  2. Rod Asher (Westwood Lakes) Peg 32- 66lb 14oz
  3. Jeff Duggan (Westwood Lakes) peg 35 – 61lb oz
  4. Kev Raven (Westwood Lakes) Peg 17- 51lb 8oz