Thursday 19th September – Over 50s Open Match

Thursday 19th September – Skylark and Hawk (48 Anglers)

With more and more over 50s now the matches are being put on two lakes due to numbers. Ray redwood (Westwood Lakes) was the man on form today. Ray was on peg 29 Skylark and has mainly caught down his egdes to win the match with 156lb 0oz. In second was Roy ‘Method’ Wells (Westwood Lakes)  from peg 1 on Skylark with a weight of 137lb 0oz. In third was Ady Gathercole (Westwood Lakes) from peg 32 with 136lb 0oz. Hawks top weight was Roy Taylor (Westwood Lakes)  from peg 7 with 109lb 12oz.

  1. Ray redwood (Westwood Lakes)  Skylark Peg 29 – 156lb 0oz
  2. Roy ‘Method’ Wells (Westwood Lakes) Skylark Peg 1 – 137lb 0oz
  3. Ady Gathercole (Westwood Lakes) Skylark Peg 32 – 136lb 0oz