Thursday 18th August 2016 – Over 50’s Open Match

Thursday 18th August 2016 – Skylark lake (36 Anglers)

Another great turn out for our weekly over 50’s match this week. With the weather being warm the mighty Skylark produced some big weights.,Stan mellor (Orchard Park)  put on an excellent performance of fishing paste in the margin’s to catch carp up to 8lb to take the overall win today from peg 34 with 164lb 12oz. In second place was the method man Roy wells (Westwood Lakes) from peg 6 with 155lb 14oz. Third place went to Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) from peg 40 with 112lb 12oz.

  1. Stan mellor (Orchard Park) peg 34 164lb 12oz
  2. Roy wells (Westwood Lakes) peg 6 155lb 14oz
  3. Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) peg 40 112lb 12oz
  4. Janus Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) peg 38 88lb 4oz