Thursday 15th June- Over 50’s Open Match SkyLark Lake

Thursday 15th June- Skylark Lake (38 Anglers)

With the warm weather staying with us there was another good turn out for the over 50’s match today. Jeff Duggan (Westwood Lakes) showed evryone how to go about it today. Jeff fished maggots short to catch all mainly Barbel from peg 30 to take the match with 144lb 12oz. Falling into second was the method man Roy Wells (Westwood lakes) who took a different approach and fished a method feeder tight to the far bank on peg 13 to weigh 132lb 8oz. Third place fell to Ken Clark (Westwood Lakes) fishing soft pellet down the edge to weigh 100lb 14oz from peg 17.

  1. Jeff Duggan (Westwood Lakes) 144lb 12oz – peg 30
  2. Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) 132lb 8oz- peg 13
  3. Ken Clark (Westwood Lakes) 100lb 14oz- peg 17
  4. BrianThompson (Westwood Lakes) 99lb 2oz – peg 16