Sunday 8th April- 5K Qualifier

Sunday 8th April- Skylark Lake (39 Anglers)

With a near on full lake today it was going to be a struggle. But superstar Jeff Lindsay (Westwood Lakes) showed everyone the way by fishing pellets tight across to weigh just short of the 100lb from peg 32. Jeff took the win on the day with 96lb 4oz. Is Second was Waggs Tackle man Jeff marsh (Waggs Tackle) from peg 41 with 76lb 6oz catching mainly down the edge towards the bridge. In third was Matt Wiles (Dynamite Baits) with 74lb 4oz from peg 38.

  1. Jeff Lindsay (Westwood Lakes) Peg 32 – 96lb 4oz
  2. Jeff marsh (Waggs Tackle) Peg 41- 76lb 6oz
  3. Matt Wiles (Dynamite Baits) Peg 38 – 74lb 4oz