Sunday 27th September-Open Match

Sunday 27th September- Falcon lake ( 21 Anglers)

Winter is on its way now and the weights have started to drop but still a close match all round. Mick Stamp ( Preston Innovations/Sonu Baits) was at the top today from peg 18 catching on the deck short on maggots to win the match with 133lb 0oz. Not far behind in second was Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) from peg 26 with 129lb 8oz. In third was George knight (Wilsmere Lakes/Burts Baits) from peg 2 with 127lb 8oz.

  1. Mick Stamp ( Preston Innovations/Sonu Baits) Peg 18 – 133lb 0oz
  2. Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) Peg 26 – 129lb 8oz
  3. George knight (Wilsmere Lakes/Burts Baits) Peg 2 – 127lb 8oz