Sunday 25th March – 5K Open Match Qualifier

Sunday 25th March 2018  Swallow Lake (26 anglers)

Glorious sun shine for today’s 5K Qualifier on Swallow Lake.  Russ Parsons (WWL) was on Peg 4 and put 97lbs 0oz on the scales to take a narrow win on the day.  Close behind in second place was Dave Frith (Peg One) Peg 5 with 96lbs 0oz.  Third placed angler was Joe Green (WWL) Peg 6 with 54lbs 10oz.

1st  Russ Parsons (WWL) 97lbs 0oz

2nd Dave Frith (Peg One) 96lbs 0oz

3rd Joe Green (WWL) 54lbs 10oz

4th Steve Pell (Decoy) 51bs 2oz

5th Richard Kinning (WWL) 49lbs 4oz