Sunday 1st September- Open Match Falcon Lake

Sunday 1st September- Falcon Lake ( 24 Anglers)

With the wind picking up this weekend, it was going to be a test for our anglers. But On-form angler Rick Tweddell (Westwood Lakes) was able to impress again by fishing maggots shallow from peg 3 with 184lb 14oz. In second was Ady Gathercole (Coopers Tackle) from peg 15 with 135lb 14oz. In third was Janusz Kedrzierski (Westwood Lakes) with 132lb 0oz from peg 23.

  1. Rick Tweddell (Westwood Lakes) peg 3 – 184lb 14oz
  2. Ady Gathercole (Coopers Tackle) peg 15- 135lb 14oz
  3. Janusz Kedrzierski (Westwood Lakes) peg 23 – 132lb 0oz