Sunday 12th January – Open Match

Sunday 12th January – Osprey Lake ( 12 Anglers)

Very windy down on the lakes today but osprey is a perfect lake to catch alot of fish short. Richard Kinnersley (Westwood Lakes) has made the most of this from peg 11. Richard has caught down the edge on maggots to win the match with 143lb 6oz. In second place was Mick Balls (Westwood Lakes) peg 17 with 124lb 0oz on maggot shallow at 5m. In third was Kev Drury (Ultimate Titans) from peg 13 with 121lb 10oz.

  1. Richard Kinnersley (Westwood Lakes) peg 11 – 143lb 6oz
  2. Mick Balls (Westwood Lakes) Peg 17 – 124lb 0oz
  3. Kev Drury (Ultimate Titans) Peg 13 – 121lb 10oz