Skylark Open Match

Sunday 29th September 2013 (32 anglers)

Bright sunshine and a strong easterly wind made for difficult conditions.  Unable to fish across on the pole, Mick Stamp (Preston/Sonubaits) Peg 2 opted for a small method feeder to the island.  With only 20lbs in the net, Mick moved to his margin swim after three hours and caught Carp, Bream, Barbel and Ide over Sonubaits F1 groundbait and red maggot on the hook for a winning catch of 63lbs 4oz.  Jamie Green (Grimbsy AC) Peg 17 was second with 54lbs 10oz and Gareth Mills (Spilsby AC) Peg 38 third with 51lbs 8oz.

1st Mick Stamp (Preston/Sonubaits) 63lbs 4oz Peg 2

2nd Jamie Green (Grimbsy AC) 54lbs 10oz Peg 17

3rd Gareth Mills (Spilsby AC) 51lbs 8oz Peg 38

4th Alan Knobbs (WWLakes) 45lbs 8oz Peg 7

5th Rob Morris (Whisby AC) 38lbs 4oz Peg 29