Skylark Open Match

Tuesday 26th May 2015 (14 Anglers) Skylark Lake

The Open Match was held on Skylark lake today. First place went to Wayne Eager (Westwood Lakes) with a weight of 105lb 0oz from peg 9. Wayne fished caster down the track for a mixed bag. Second place went to Matt Pillay (MAP/Old Ghost) with a weight of 93lb 12oz from peg 15. Third was Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) with a weight 85lb 14oz peg 19.

1st Wayne Eager (Westwood Lakes) 105lb 0oz from peg 9
2nd Matt Pillay (MAP/Old Ghost) 93lb 12oz from peg 15
3rd Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) 85lb 14oz peg 19
4th Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) 84lb 0oz peg 1
5th Mick Simpson (Westwood Lakes) 82lb 4oz peg 23