Skylark Open Match

Tuesday 15th April 2014 (23 anglers) Skylark Lake

Early morning frost gave way to a bright sunny day for todays Open Match.  Dave Morley (WWLakes)  on end Peg 1, caught steadily from the start to win with 50+lb clear of the runner-up.  Dave fished across to the island on expander pellet to catch mainly carp in his winning 119lbs 12oz net.  In second was Paul Oglisbee (WWLakes) Peg 5 with 66lbs 4oz and in third was Brian Thompson (WWLakes) Peg 7 with 63lbs 14oz.

1st Dave Morley (WWLakes) 119lbs 12oz Peg 1

2nd Paul Oglisbee (WWLakes) 66lbs 4oz Peg 5

3rd Brian Thompson (WWLakes) 63lbs 14oz Peg 7

4th Stan Stankvich (WWLakes) 63lbs 0oz Peg 31

5th Shane Wilcox (Daves Peg) 62lbs 12oz Peg 27