Skylark Open Match

Sunday 23rd March 2014  (32 anglers)  Skylark Lake

Overnight frost, and a cold biting wind set the scene for todays Open Match.  In form Steve Lane (Marukyu/WWLakes) still managed to find the fish though to put him 25lb + ahead of the field.  Steve fished red maggot to the island to catch Carp, F1’s and Barbel to weigh 61lbs 2oz for the win from Peg 18.  In second was Daniel Brydon (Sax Angling) Peg 11 with 35lbs 2oz and Pete Taylor (Notts AA) Peg 23 third with 26lbs 10oz.

1st Steve Lane (Marukyu/WWLakes) 61lb 2oz Peg 18

2nd Daniel Brydon (Sax Angling) 35lbs 2oz Peg 11

3rd Pete Taylor (Notts AA) 26lbs 10oz Peg 23