Skylark Lake Open Match

(18 anglers) Tuesday 17th September 2013

Steve Lane (Marukyu/WWLakes) won todays match from Peg 11.  Steve fished short with red maggot over the new 2mm Marukyu JPellet to catch Carp, Barbel and Ide and weigh 52lbs 14oz.  Russ Blackshields (WWLakes) Peg 5 was second with 45lbs 8oz, just beating Warren Martin (Matrix) Peg 27 in third weighing 44lbs 10oz.
1st Steve Lane (Marukyu/WWLakes) 52lbs 14oz Peg 11
2nd Russ Blackshields (WWLakes) 45lbs 8oz Peg 5
3rd Warren Martin (Matrix) 44lbs 10oz Peg 27
4th Glen Schofield (WWLakes) 44lbs 8oz Peg 25
5th Brian Harding (Maver/Baitech) 42lbs 8oz Peg 37