Over 50’s Open Match

december18th 00117 anglers took part in the Over 50’s open match using mainly maggots and pellets.

First was Dave Robinson (Westwood Lakes) with 57lbs 2 oz, second was Rick Twedle (Baittech) with 50lb 14oz, third is Jeff Duggan (Westwood Lakes) with 4th was Ron Cuthbert (Webbs Tackle) with 41lb 2oz and 5th is 45lb 14oz and 5th Ady Gavacol (Westwood Lakes) with 39lb 2oz.

  • Dave Robinson – (Westwood Lakes) – 57lb 2oz on peg 44
  • Rick Twedle – (Baittech) – 50lb 14oz on peg 8
  • Jeff Duggan – (Westwood Lakes) – 45lb 14oz on peg 48
  • Ron Cuthbert – (Webbs Tackle) – 41lb 2oz on peg 38