Over 50s Match Thursday 03/06/2021 – Swallow Lake

Over 50s Match 03/06/2021 – Swallow

Dean Richmond (Westwood Lakes) took top honours on a the day! He’s caught on maggots short as well as down the edges to weigh 102lb 2oz from peg 2. Like Dean, Steve Clark (Westwood Lakes) took full advantage of the spare pegs to land 91lb 10oz of f1s and small stockie carp. He’s caught rotating a couple of lines throughout the day to keep the bites coming. Finally, completing the frame was Richard Kinnersley (Westwood Lakes). He’s used his favoured maggot approach on several different lines to land 81lb 8oz of f1s.


Section 1

1st – Dean Richmond – 102lb 2oz

2nd – Steve Clark – 91lb 10oz

Section 2

1st – Dave Falzon – 58lb 12oz

2nd – John Knight – 34lb 2oz

Section 3

1st – Richard Kinnersley – 81lb 8oz

2nd – Mick Morgan – 40lb 10oz

Section 4

1st – Mick Dukes – 62lb 4oz

2nd – John Southgate – 58lb 12oz