Osprey Open Match

Sunday 12th January 2014 (14 anglers)

A really hard frost overnight put the fish off the feed for todays Open match.  With ice formed at either end of the lake.  Dan Abbot (WWLakes) drawed Peg 12 and managed to put together 30lbs 12oz of all F1 Carp.  Dan fished red maggot and pellet across to the bottom of the shelf for the win and the golden peg.  Gregorz Chalat (WWLakes) was second with 27lbs 8oz from Peg 10, and Mark Afford (WWLakes) third with 23lbs 12oz from Peg 9.

1st Dan Abbot (WWLakes) 30lbs 12oz Peg 12

2nd Gregorz Chalat (WWLakes) 27lbs 8oz Peg 10

3rd Mark Afford (WWLakes) 23lbs 12oz Peg 9