Osprey Open Match

October18th 001


Sunday 28th on Osprey brought out 17 anglers for a bracing but bright day.  Our own Adam Swain won with 91lb 12oz on peg 20.  2nd was Brendan Strolger had 81lb 8oz on peg 25.  A Williams was third with 74lb 6oz on peg 23.  Peg 19 sat M Cross who cane 4th with 70lb 6oz and 5th was Sam Claydon sitting on peg 1 and brought in 69lb 12oz.

  1. Adam Swain (Westwood Lakes) peg 20 91lb 12oz
  2. Brendan Strolger (Westwood Lakes) peg 25 81lb 8oz
  3. A Williams (Westwood Lakes) peg 23 74lb 6oz
  4. M Cross (Hooked Newmarket) peg 19 70lb 6oz
  5. Sam Claydon (Westwood Lakes) peg 1 69lb 12oz