Osprey Open Match

Tuesday 7th April 2015 (14 anglers) Osprey Lake

The best conditions experienced so far this year threw up a very consistent weight of fish from all the anglers who fished. There were eight bags over 50lb out of the fourteen fishing. In first place was Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes/Marukyu) 90lb 2oz from peg 12. Steve fished paste down the track and the margin for an all F1 Carp net. In second was Cameron Stokes (Johnson/Mathey) with a weight of 84lb 4oz from peg 22. Third placed angler was Toby Pepper (Garbolino/RAF) with a weight of 80lb 3oz from peg 10.

1st Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes/Marukyu) 90lb 2oz from peg 12
2nd Cameron Stokes (Johnson Mathey) 84lb 4oz from peg 22
3rd Toby Pepper (Garbolino/RAF) 80lb 3oz from peg 10
4th Chris White (Lincoln Whisby) 78lb 5oz from peg 16