Osprey Lake Open Match

Tuesday 14th January 2014  (14 anglers)

A close match today on Osprey Lake.  Steve Lane (Maruyku/WWLakes) Peg 21 fished to the bottom shelf on expander pellet over 2mm feed pellet to catch all F1 Carp.  Steve’s winning weight was 41lbs 6oz.  In second Ron Roberts (Liams Elite) Peg 9 was just 2oz short, to weigh 41lbs 4oz.  Third place angler was Stan Stankvich (WWLakes) Peg 17 with 38lbs 12oz.

1st Steve Lane  (Maruyku/WWLakes) 41lbs 6oz Peg 21

2nd  Ron Roberts (Liams Elite) 41lbs 4oz Peg 9

3rd Stan Stankvich (WWLakes) 38lbs 12oz Peg 17

4th Paul Oglisbee (WWLakes) 38lbs 0oz Peg 13