Osprey Lake Open Match 19th April 2016

Open Match 19th April, 2016 – Osprey Lake with 13 anglers.

It was a nice and sunny April day at Westwood Lakes and Osprey Lake was waking up – the top 5 anglers all caught over 100lbs predominantly on maggot and pellet.  First place went to Roy Taylor (WWL) on peg 23 who brought in 125lb 12oz.  Second was John Taylor (Sensas Markone) on peg 6 catching 112lbs 4oz.  Third place went to Neil Paske (Dereham AC) on peg 8 and taking 110lbs 4oz with fourth going to Rich T (Baittech) on peg 11 and 105lbs 12oz.  Good old fifth was J Duggan at peg 17 and having 100lbs 8oz of fish.

  1. Roy Taylor (WWL) – peg 23 – 125lbs 12oz
  2. John Taylor (Sensas Markone) – peg 6 – 112lbs 4oz
  3. Neil Paske (Dereham AC) – peg 8 – 110lbs 4oz
  4. Rich T (Baittech) – peg 11 – 105lbs 12oz
  5. J Duggan (WWL) – peg 17 – 100lbs 8oz