Open Match Tuesday 24/08/2021 – Swallow Lake

Open Match 24/08/2021 – Swallow

With the recent cooler weather, the fishing on the lakes has slowed down a bit. However, this didn’t stop the big fish from feeding with 10+ double figure fish being weighed in! Taking the top spot from peg 30 was Steven Simpson (Westwood Lakes). Steven has fished both pole and method feeder tactics to land several big carp and f1s for a weight of 109lb 4oz. Behind him in second place was Jake Moore (Westwood Lakes). Like Steven, he has used  pole tactics from peg 17 to land f1s and small carp. Come the weigh in he totalled 94lb 6oz. Finally completing the frame from peg 33 was Jim Barrowman (Westwood Lakes) who’s caught on a method feeder and down the margins for a weight of 92lb 4oz!


1. Steven Simpson (Westwood Lakes) – 109lb 4oz – peg 30

2. Jake Moore (Westwood Lakes) – 94lb 6oz – peg 17

3. Jim Barrowman (Westwood Lakes) – 92lb 4oz – peg 33


Section 1 – Barry Tilforth – 75lb 8oz

Section 2 – Phil Hemmings – 78lb 8oz

Section 3 (def) – Mick Mann – 57lb

Section 4 (def) – Mark Pollard – 91lb 8oz