Open Match Tuesday 08/06/2021 – Falcon Lake

Open Match 08/06/2021 – Falcon

Due to pretty much all the lake being used in the match. The fishing was always going to be harder than expected, however, there were still plenty of bites to be had for all the anglers. Taking the win from peg 12 was Rob Dawber (Westwood Lakes). He’s fished maggots on a couple of lines all day to catch steady runs of F1’s for a weight of 105lb 8oz. In second position was Chris Weddell (Westwood Lakes). Chris has fished maggots on peg 20 to land F1’s, carp and barbel; he’s finished with a weight of 96lb 4oz. Finally, completing the frame was Davis Gurton (Westwood Lakes). He’s fished maggots shallow most of the day picking off odd fish for a weight of 88lb 8oz.


1. Rob Dawber (Westwood Lakes) – 105lb 8oz – peg 12

2. Chris Weddell (Westwood Lakes) – 96lb 4oz – peg 20

3. Davis Gurton (Westwood Lakes) – 88lb 8oz – peg 13


Section 1 – Mark Pollard – 85lb 4oz

Section 2 (def) – Andy Covick – 81lb

Section 3 (def) – Chris Annett – 46lb 2oz

Section 4 – = Ray Palmer JNR, Colin Mitchell – 51lb 12oz

Section 5 – Kevin Rice – 78lb 8oz