Open Match Sunday 21/11/2021 – Kingfisher Lake

Open Match 21/11/2021 – Kingfisher

With the desilting still occuring on Falcon, and wanting to give the other lakes a rest, Sundays Open match was moved onto Kingfisher Lake! With a good head of Carp and F1’s as well as large amounts of silverfish, everyone was guaranteed a few bites! Colin Mitchell (Westwood Lakes) took top spot on the day landing 60lb 8oz from peg 8. Colin caught mainly carp, however targeted the silvers when the fishing went harder to add a few extra pounds to his weight! In second from peg 6 was George Knight (Wilsmere Lake). Like Colin, George has caught a mixture of fish to weigh 50lb 4oz. Finally, completing the frame from peg 17 was Ade Freeman (Westwood Lakes) with a weight of 41lb 4oz!


1. Colin Mitchell (Westwood Lakes) – 60lb 8oz – peg 8

2. George Knight (Westwood Lakes) – 50lb 4oz – peg 6

3. Ade Freeman (Westwood Lakes) – 41lb 4oz – peg 17