Open Match Sunday 16/05/2021 – Osprey Lake

Open Match 16/05/2021 – Osprey

With anglers down practising for the Daiwa Festival, we had to use the whole lake in the match which made it hard going for some. Taking the win from peg 2 was Richard Kinnersley (Westwood Lakes). He’s caught really well early on, landing large numbers of small F1’s before having to pick odd fish off a couple of lines to keep them coming as the match went on. He’s weighed 98lb 1oz, beating Andy Bennett (Guru/Blakes Bait) into second. Like Richard, Andy has had a good run of fish at the start, however it seemed to slow down more for him. He’s ended with 79lb 12oz. Finally completing the frame was Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) off the end peg 25. He’s weighed 73lb 8oz.


1. Richard Kinnersley (Westwood Lakes) – 98lb 1oz – peg 2

2. Andy Bennett (Guru/Blakes Bait) – 79lb 12oz – peg 9

3.Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) – 73lb 8oz – peg 25


Section 1 (def) – Alex Derbyshire – 68lb 8oz

Section 2 (def) – Tony Evans – 55lb 10oz

Section 3 (def) – Jonny Jowett – 69lb 6oz