Open Match Sunday 13/06/2021 – Falcon Lake

Open Match 13/06/2021 – Falcon

With two matches taking place on the lake, and nearly every peg in, the match was always going to be hard for some competitors. Taking the lead from peg 28 was Mick Stamp (Westwood Lakes), Mick has fished maggots both short and down his edges for a weight of 116lb 6oz. In joint second was Paul Harsley (Westwood Lakes) and Matt York (Colmic/Evolved Baits) both have caught in steady spells most of the day, alternating lines to keep the F1’s and carp coming. They’ve both finished by weighing 90lb 2oz, from pegs 30 and 23.


1. Mick Stamp (Westwood Lakes) – 116lb 6oz – peg 28

=2. Paul Harsley (Westwood Lakes) – 90lb 2oz – peg 30

=2. Matt York (Colmic/Evolved Baits) – 90lb 2oz – peg 23


Section 1 (def) – Tony Evans – 82lb 4oz

Section 2 – Richard Kinnersley – 78lb 4oz

Section 3 – Andy Sawyer – 87lb 8oz