New Lakes 2014

We have been listening to our guests and if they say they would like more lakes we are only too happy to oblige. Work has been difficult as we started from scratch and there is a very set procedure for creating the perfect fishing lake. We are very pleased with the way things are going and would like to share completion dates with you for our 3 new lakes.

Osprey Lake
25 Pegs
Another small canal style lake
Opening March 2014

Falcon Lakes
54 Pegs
Opening March 2014
This lake will be the new match lake at
Westwood with plenty of features

Swallow Lake
32 Pegs
New 32 peg specimen lake opening July/August
2014. Will be stocked with carp between 10lb and 25lb

To read more detail about our established lakes please use the fishing drop down menu above and select The Westwood Lakes.