New Keepnet Policy (PLEASE READ)

New Keepnet Policy (Matches Only)

The Keepnet Policy has changed due to the fishery owners decision, You will now be supplied with 2 of the fishery Keepnets and a Landing net (Located from the cage near the Bait and Tackle Shop). In a single Keepnet you will be allowed up to 60lb, anything over 60lb you will be disqualified.

If you fill your 2 Keepnets and require another one, Every 10 pegs there will be a set of spare nets left on the bank only take these during the match if your require them. If these spare nets run out you will be required to make your way up to the cage to collect another one. These spare nets will be left outside the cage so it is easy access for everyone.

Also every fish must be Landed by your Landing net and placed into your Keepnet Via your Landing net. There will be no dropping of fish into your Keepnet, if anyone is found to be doing this they will be asked to leave by Westwood Lakes Staff.

For any more information or any questions on the rules please ring the Tackle and Bait Shop on 01205 724162 and select option 2.