Monday 29th august 2016 – Falcon Lake

Monday 29th august 2016 – Falcon Lake (16 Anglers)

With it being bank holiday Monday we decided to put an open on falcon and some big weights have came out today. Matt wiles (Matrix wensum Valley) showed everyone how to go about today, fishing on a top 4 with pellets shallow to catch f1’s from peg 1 to weigh 233lb 10oz. In second place was mick Stamp (preston/sounbaits) from peg 46 with 227lb 2oz and in third was Jack Gill (¬†Matrix wensum Valley) from peg 48 with 200lb 8oz.

  1. Matt wiles (Matrix wensum Valley) peg 1 233lb 10oz
  2. Mick Stamp (Preston/Sounbaits) peg 46 227lb
  3. Jack Gill ( Matrix wensum Valley) peg 48 200lb 8oz