Kestrel Lake Open

Sunday 27th October 2013

Gale force winds forced angler’s to reach for the feeder rods in today’s match.  Drawn at Peg 6, Martin Kirk (WWLakes) fished banded pellet on the method to win with 52lbs 0oz.  Martin caught all Carp to 6lb caught tight to the island.  Round the back in Pegs 20 and 21 sheltered from the wind, Gary Walton (Boston Angling Centre) and Steve Lane (Marukyu/WWLakes) managed to fish the pole at 11 meters.  Gary weighed 48lbs 8oz for second, just ahead of Steve on 46lbs 14oz for third.

1st Martin Kirk (WWLakes) 52lbs 0oz Peg 6

2nd Gary Walton (Boston Angling Centre) 48lbs 8oz Peg 20

3rd Steve Lane (Marukyu/WWLakes) 46lbs 14oz Peg 21

4th Darren Gowshall (Horncastle) 43lbs 8oz Peg 23

5th Steve Davis (Daves Peg) 36lbs 8oz Peg 8