Keepnets & Landing Nets Now Supplied on Skylark & Hawk Matches

Westwood Lakes will now supply Keepnets and Landing Nets for all Open and Club Matches on both Skylark and Hawk Lake.  All match anglers will be supplied with two keepnets and one landing net.  Under no circumstances anglers must not use there own nets at anytime in matches on Skylark or Hawk Lake. All matches must stop half way through to weigh in all fish caught. After the half way weigh in, anglers will continue to fish for another two and half hours before the final weigh in. Angler’s must split fish evenly between the two nets. The maximum time for all matches is five hours.  Please note that Club Secretary’s or Match Organizers of visiting club’s must report to the tackle shop on arrival to confirm number of angler’s fishing and tackle shop staff will issue each of there anglers with nets for there match. All clubs must also pay all peg fee’s before they go to there lake in the tackle shop.  Angler’s fishing matches on Osprey and Falcon will still need to have three keepnets each and a landing net. Westwood Lakes at this time will not be supplying nets for Osprey and Falcon Lake, angler’s will need to bring there own for these lakes and dip all nets in the dip tank, located by the green container opposite the tackle shop. Angler’s must then lay there keepnets and landing nets behind there peg, and not put into the lake until 15 minutes before the start of the match.  Angler’s must split fish evenly between the three nets on both Osprey and Falcon Lake. Any anglers not following this simple but essential net rules, will be asked to leave and may be banned for an indefinite period.  Westwood Lakes reserve the right to change Lakes, close Lakes or change rules at anytime without prior notice.  Westwood Lakes would appreciate your full co-operation in all of the above in the interests of fish welfare and bio security.

Alan Coupland (Fishery Owner).