Hawk Lake Open Match

Sunday 13th October 2013 (12 anglers)

Rain and windy conditions kept the numbers down for todays Open Match on Hawk Lake. For Shane Wilcox (Daves Peg) it was still a golden day, drawing Peg 1 and the Golden Peg to win with 64lbs 4oz.  Shane fished across on pellet for a mainly all Carp catch.  Darren Staly (Sub Fish) Peg 15 was second with 60lbs 8oz and Martin Kirk (WWLakes) Peg 9 third with 55lbs 0oz, including two Carp in Martin’s catch for 20lb.

1st Shane Wilcox (Daves Peg) 64lbs 4oz Peg 1

2nd Darren Staly (Sub Fish) 60lbs 8oz Peg 15

3rd Martin Kirk (WWLakes) 55lbs 0oz Peg 9

4th Ian Rowney (Mansfield Piscatorial)  44lbs 8oz Peg 17

5th Tony Evans (Dynamite Baits) 40lbs 2oz Peg 20