Hawk Lake Open Match

Tuesday 3rd November 2015 (13 anglers) Hawk Lake

November3rd 001

Norfolk angler Neil Paske (Dereham AC) made a great start to his holiday at Westwood Lakes, by winning the Open Match on Hawk Lake with 69lbs 6oz from Peg 10. Neil fished maggot down the track and in his margins late on, to catch mainly Carp and Barbel to 4lbs. In second place was Steve Lane (Maruyku/WWLakes) Peg 11 with 60lbs 2oz. Third placed angler was Rick Tweddle (Baitech) Peg 20 with 52lbs 0oz.

1st Neil Paske (Dereham AC) 69lbs 6oz Peg 10

2nd Steve Lane (Maruyku/WWLakes) 60lbs 2oz Peg 11

3rd Rick Tweddle (Baitech) 52lbs 0oz Peg 20

4th Wayne Smith (Westwood Lakes) 51lbs 2oz Peg 2

5th Davis Gurton (Westwood Lakes) 50lbs 6oz Peg 17