Half way weigh inns-Starting from 1st June

Important Notice

Half way weigh inns

Due to high temperatures, on the fishery we have decided to make every match stop half-way through their match, this applies to both Open matches and Club bookings. To weigh all fish in and return to the lake and the match to proceed after the weigh in is completed. For example all our Open matches will now draw at 9.00am then fish 10.00am until 12.30pm. We will then weigh in for approximately 30 minutes. The match will restart at 1.00pm and finish at 3.30pm.  This is not just due to the high temperatures but also due to the fish welfare. The fish this time of year are not standing up to the pressure of being in nets for 5 hours and causing them to be stressed and sadly loss of fish.

When Barbel are caught they must be held in a landing net at the edge of your swim and given enough time to recover.  This may take as long as 20 minutes.  You will know when they are recovered as they will push against the landing net and become more active.  This applies to all anglers, regardless if you are in a match or just a pleasure angler.

Also every angler that fishes at Westwood Lakes MUST return the fish to the water Via there landing Net. There is a strict tolerance on this and any one found doing this we be asked to leave the fishery.

We also remind all anglers both match anglers and pleasure anglers that you must dip all nets before you go to your peg. Match anglers must then lay your nets out behind your peg, and not put into the lake until 10 minutes before the start of the match. All club match secretary’s must ensure that all your members are fully aware of the rules and that they comply completely with the rules.

So as a caring fishery we ask you to follow these net rules to look after the welfare of our fish. Failure to follow these rules will result in anglers being told to leave the fishery, and for clubs may result in the whole of the club to leave the fishery. In the result of an angler being asked to leave the fishery, no refunds will be entered into.

Alan Coupland.