Falcon Open Match

Sunday 21st September 2014 (20 anglers) Falcon Lake

On a dull, overcast day, Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) again proved to be the man to beat. Martin drew peg 9 and fished his normal tactic of paste down the middle to amass 143lb 5oz for an easy victory.  Steve Lane (Marukyu/Westwood Lakes) finished second with 108lb 2oz from peg 30.  Adam Swain (SensasA4) Peg26 and Mick Stamp(Preston Innovations) Peg 22 shared third place with 103lb 8oz each.

Doug Jackson(Westwood Lakes) finished fifth with 92lb 11 oz from peg 24.

1st Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) 143lbs 5oz Peg 9

2nd Steve Lane (Maruyku/WWLakes) 108lbs 2oz Peg 30

=3rd Mick Stamp (Preston Innovations) 103lbs 8oz Peg 22

=3rd Adam Swain (Sensas A4) 103lbs 8oz Peg 26

5th Doug Jackson (Westwood Lakes) 92lbs 11oz Peg 24