Falcon Lake Open Match

Sunday 7th March 2016 (17 anglers) on Falcon Lake

On a nice, bracing day 17 anglers took on Falcon lake using a mix of pellet and maggot.  First was Greg Cooper (WWL) on peg 40 with 79lbs 6oz.  2nd came in Luke Morley (WWL) on peg 16 and had 74lbs 8oz.  3rd place was Brendon (WWL) at peg 48 and weighing in with 71lbs 2oz.  4th was Richard Kinnerly (Coopers Tackle) at peg 44 and taking 57lbs 1oz.  5th is P Harsley (Daves Peg) at peg 34 and taking 54lbs 15oz.

  1. Greg Cooper (Westwood Lakes) Peg 40 – 79lbs 6oz
  2. Luke Morley (Westwood Lakes) Peg 16 – 74lbs 8oz
  3. Brendon (Westwood Lakes) Peg 48 – 71lbs 2oz
  4. Richard Kinnerley (Coopers Tackle) Peg 44 – 57lbs 1oz
  5. P Harsley (Daves Peg) Peg 34 – 54lbs 15oz