Dynamite Over 60’s Festival Results

Dynamite Over 60’s Festival Results

A Brilliant Festival it has been and with 65 anglers attending , we cannot thank the over 60’s enough. The Festival was fished over three days – Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday- With 65 anglers battling it out in sections of 7 to see who would be top. With Covid guidelines in place the draw as done the night before so the anglers had no contact with each other and was able to go straight to there pegs

Day One

The first day saw the weather hold out for the anglers with a nice breeze coming over the lakes. It was all to play for on the first day with no one knowing how it was gonna fish. There was alot of maggot fishing to be had. On Skylark Jeff Lindsay was looking like the man to beat catching at 13m with maggots on the deck catching good stamp carp. Over on Falcon lake there were loads of F1s being caught through out the day But the man who stood out was John Holdsworth on peg 50 catching some big F1’s and stockies long on maggots. Swallow lake was looking like it was going to be the hardest lake of the week but John Beever put a steady performance together of catching on his lines short on maggots to win the Lake.

Skylark Lake

Section One              Jeff Lindsay        Peg 4        90lb 8oz

Section Two              Rick Tweddel     Peg 14     45lb 8oz

Section Three           Nigel Hargreaves   Peg 32    65lb 8oz

 Falcon Lake

Section One              Janusz Kedzierski     Peg 14      71lb 8oz

Section Two              Ade Freeman            Peg 28      76lb 6oz

Section Three           John Holdsworth     Peg 50      94lb 6oz


Swallow Section One         John Beever     Peg 34   68lb 0oz  

Swallow Section Two        Keith Sanders   Peg 18   45lb 2oz 

Swallow Section Three      Bem French      Peg 30   20lb 8oz


Day Two

Day Two saw the weather take a turn and the rain had set in for the day ahead, but this didnt stop our anglers from catching plenty of fish. Skylark Lake saw Jim Barrowman working for his fish on peg 16 catching on maggots across tight to the Island. Falcon lake was all short fishing on the deck but John taylor went down the pellet and paste route and was catching more than anyone else. Swallow Lake had seemed to pick up and Dave Simpson put in a great showcase of toss potting maggots at 6m to have a great day.

Skylark Lake

Section One              Ray Redwood       Peg 8      107lb 0oz

Section Two              Jim Barrowman    Peg 16     127lb 0oz  

Section Three           John Beever           Peg 38      73lb 8oz   

Falcon Lake

Section One              John Taylor        Peg 10      106lb 8oz

Section Two              Roy Taylor          Peg 18       92lb 8oz

Section Three           John Moore       Peg 47       71lb 8oz    


Swallow Section One      Dave Simpson    Peg 4   92lb 7oz 

Swallow Section Two      Harry Billings     Peg 20    68lb 8oz 

Swallow Section Three    Paul Oglesbee    Peg 32    75lb 8oz 


Day Three

Day three was looking tight at the top of the leader board with John Beever sat on 2pts and 5 anglers below him right on his hells with 3pts, but would he be able to hold his nerve to secure the win ? Skylark lake just kept getting better as the week went on. With Alan Lambert having a nice match fishing across on peg 2 to catch some big carp. Falcon lake was very tense with John Beever on a good peg but seemed to be having long spells of not catching. Jim Barrowman was looking like he was running away with his section catching plenty of fish. Swallow Lake was very slow but John Moore on peg 5 was catching the odd stockie carp on the method just 3ft off the far bank.

Skylark Lake

Section One                       Alan Lambert    Peg 2    106lb 8oz

Section Two                 John Holdsworth  Peg 18    68lb 4oz 

Section Three                     Neil Rhymer  Peg 30    104lb 8oz

Falcon Lake

Section One                   Jim Barrowman   Peg 10    84lb 10oz

Section Two                        John Beever     Peg 28     69lb 12oz

Section Three                     Chris Mawer    Peg 41      50lb 0oz


Swallow Section One       John Moore     Peg 5         78lb 8oz 

Swallow Section Two       Mick Balls        Peg 18      53lb 4oz  

Swallow Section Three     Jeff Lindsay    Peg 32       55lb 5oz 


Overall Top 5

The top 5 was very close on points and going to weight count back for places but the man of the moment was John Beever finishing with 3 points over the 3 days putting in a stunning performance to win the 2020 Over 60’s Festival sponsored by Dynamite Baits!

1st John Beever       3pts     211lb 4oz   +£500  and Dynamite Net Bag with 3 keepnets and bucket

2nd Jim Barrowman     4pts      251lb 10oz   +£350 and Dynamite Bucket Prize

3rd John Holdsworth      4pts       241lb 13oz  + £300 and Dynamite Bucket Prize

4th Ray Redwood      5pts       249lb 0oz  + £250

5th John Moore     5pts    215lb 8oz  + £ 130

We would Just like to say a massive thank you to Dynamite Baits for there support of the festival in these hard time and to all the anglers attending. We will be holding this festival again next year which will be abit earlier on the 3rd 4th and 5th October. To book your ticket or  lodge please contact the office on 01205 724162 and select option 1 we have raised the ticket prize to £80 to make the payout even better .