Daiwa Spring Classic festival 2019

Well what a fantastic past three days it has been for all the anglers who attended the Daiwa Spring classic festival. A total of 90 anglers were ready to battle it out over the next three days. Andy Bennett was favourite for the festival but with some new faces it wasn’t going to be easy for him.

Going into Day one saw the anglers go to their first lake and get ready for the all in. There was so many good anglers on the festival it would be good to see how each of them approached there peg in a different way. On Skylark Dale Shepard was the man doing the business from peg 29 fishing maggots down the edge to catch mainly carp to 10lb . Falcon Lake was an absolute maggot fest , but Daiwa’s very own Matrin Green was showing them a shallow master class. The bag up Lake Osprey was surely living up to its name with Andy Bennett catching up in the water with maggots from peg  3. Swallow Lake was going to catch some people off guard, but Aiden Mansfield was keeping it simple by fishing Maggots short down the first shelf to catch small stockie Carp steady for the most of the day from peg 30.

Section Winners from the first day


Section One                 Toby Pepper – 148lb 10oz

Section Two                 Scott Robinson – 115lb 4oz

Section Three              Rob Dawber – 121lb 4oz

Section Four                  Chris Weddle- 142lb 2oz

Section Five                  Paul Branwick – 124lb 0oz

Section Six                     Darren Garwood – 95lb 0oz

Skylark Lake Winner   Dale Shepard – 159lb 0oz

Falcon –

Section One                 James Howarth – 134lb 8oz

Section Two                 Ted Wheeler – 138lb 0oz

Section Three              Alan Bickley – 151lb 4oz

Section Four                 Pat Cooper – 146lb 0oz

Section Five                 Carl Le-Hopps – 131lb 2oz

Section Six                   Craig Ebbrell – 156lb 0oz

Falcon Lake Winner    Martin Green – 160lb 0oz

Osprey/ Swallow

Osprey Section One                Luke Sears – 123lb 2oz

Osprey Section Two                John Jowett – 119lb 4oz

Osprey Section Three             Ryan Linguard – 157lb 0oz

Swallow Section One               Tom Edwards – 152lb 14oz

Swallow Section Two               Ross Harold – 144lb 2oz

Swallow Section Three                  Aiden Mansfield 154lb 0oz

Osprey / Swallow Lake Winner                      Andy Bennett – 192lb 8oz

Day Two the Anglers changed around and saw the lakes starting to improve on weights. Tom Edwards on skylark peg 24 was catching at a good pace going into the last hour for a lake win  . Falcon Lake saw Recce Hearn fishing a nice simple match of pellets down the edge to try and push that 200lb mark. . Osprey was still producing with Gavin Leversedge looking like he was on his way to section win. But Pat cooper on Peg 16 Swallow was running away with the match win by fishing Shallow with maggots to catch a lovely mixed bag of fish.

Section Winners from Day Two


Section One                 Glenn Brown – 129lb 0oz

Section Two                 Andy Bennett – 172lb 10oz

Section Three              Ryan Lingard – 136lb 6oz

Section Four                  Eddie Howman – 134lb 14oz

Section Five                  Gary Burton  – 96lb 12oz

Section Six                  Aiden Mansfield – 163lb 10z

Skylark Lake Winner   Tom Edwards – 174lb 4oz


Falcon –

Section One                 Dale Shepard  – 200lb 0oz

Section Two                 Matt Bingham – 118lb 8oz

Section Three              Chris Weddell – 143lb 10oz

Section Four                  Josh Turnbill – 149lb 6oz

Section Five                  Graham Thorndyke – 127lb 4oz

Section Six                     Paul Branwick – 162lb 0oz

Falcon Lake Winner    Reece Hearn – 200lb 0oz       

Osprey/ Swallow

Osprey Section One                Gavin Leversidge – 159lb 8oz

Osprey Section Two                Gary Pook – 125lb 2oz

Osprey Section Three             Rod Pilkington – 150lb 12oz

Swallow Section One              Craig Ebbrell – 180lb 2oz

Swallow Section Two               Barry Bush – 116lb 2oz

Swallow Section Three                  Carl Le-Hopps – 103lb 0oz

Osprey/Swallow Lake Winner                        Pat Cooper- 211lb 2oz


It was all tight going into the last day with that man Andy Bennett on a perfect two points but only just by weight count back there was a lot of people on Two points after him. On Skylark Ted Wheeler was looking like he was winning the lake from peg 14. Falcon saw Glenn Brown pushing Andy Bennett for a section win. Osprey was fishing hard but Matt Bingham,was catching steady down the middle on maggots from peg 20. Swallow Lake was only getting better with Josh Turnbil catching Shallow on maggots at 6m on peg 4.

Section Winners  From Day Three


Section One                             Craig Ebberll 121lb 8oz

Section Two                             Alan Bickley 130lb 0oz

Section Three                          Russ Downing 63lb 14oz

Section Four                              Martin green 140lb 2oz

Section Five                              dan Dockerty 101lb 2oz

Section six                               James Howarth 151lb 14oz

Skylark Lake Winner               Ted Wheeler 177lb 12oz

Falcon –

Section One                             Glenn Brown 146lb 2oz

Section Two                             John Jowett 159lb 0oz

Section Three                          Simon Foster 152lb 0oz

Section Four                             Ryan Lingaurd 149lb 6oz

Section Five                              Tom Edwards 188lb 0oz

Section six                                Simon Colcough 140lb 12oz

Falcon Lake Winner                Andy bennett 201lb 4oz

Osprey/ Swallow

Osprey Section One               Chris Weddell – 161lb 0oz

Osprey Section Two                Reece hearn – 152lb 6oz

Osprey Section Three             Matt Bingham – 181lb 8oz

Swallow Section One              Danny Grimsey – 153lb 12oz

Swallow Section Two               Dale Shepard – 178lb 10oz

Swallow Section Three              Mick Stamp – 112lb 2oz



Overall it was a tight Festival with a lot of the top 10 going on weight count back. But a big well done to Andy Bennett on winning the Festival. We enjoyed the company of all the anglers that have fished and hope to see you in the future.  Also a massive thank you to Martin Green and Daiwa on sponsoring another festival and there continuous support for another year.

Don’t forget to book down in your diary’s that there is a Daiwa Autumn classic Festival in November. Also the Daiwa spring classic festival 19th, 20th and 21st May. Tickets for these are now on sale!!! Limited accommodation is available For any more information please ring the office department on 01205 724162 and select Option 1.

1st Andy Bennett 1 192 8 1 172 10 1 201 4 566 6 3
2nd Tom Edwards 1 152 14 1 174 4 1 188 0 515 2 3
3rd Craig Ebrell 1 156 0 1 180 2 1 121 8 457 10 3
4th Chris Weddell 1 142 2 1 143 10 1 161 0 446 12 3
5th Ryan Lingard 1 157 0 1 136 6 1 149 6 442 12 3
6th Dale Shephard 1 159 0 2 156 12 1 178 10 494 6 4
7th Aidan Mansfield 1 154 0 1 163 10 2 160 0 477 10 4
8th Pat Cooper 1 146 0 1 211 2 2 100 14 458 0 4
9th James Howarth 1 134 8 2 158 6 1 151 14 444 12 4
10th John Jowett 1 119 4 2 141 0 1 159 0 419 4 4