Daiwa Autumn Classic Festival 2018 Overview

Well what an exciting last 3 days it has been with some really tight sections, but also some unexpected weights. The weather might of effected the fishing a little bit with the change in temperature but all the anglers adapted to this. With the rotation draw being done on the Monday afternoon by our staff this gave everyone the chance to know where they was going to be for the next 3 days, either Skylark, Falcon or Osprey Lake.

Tuesday 6th November- Day One

With a windy day ahead the fishing was going to be a struggle with presentation being the key. On Osprey lake it saw a lot of the anglers starting short on pellets down the margins to catch a quick burst of fish. Rob Pennington was able to keep a nice flow of fish down his inside most of the day on peg 2 to take the overall lake win with 102lb 4oz. Skylark saw a number of different tactics being used with the odd angler trying to hold it across to catch them bonus carp. Which paid off for Chris Lattimer on peg 26, fishing maggots down the bottom of the far shelf to take the lake win with 91lb. Over on Falcon pellets were the key with with all 3 section winners catching down the margins. Steve Parry won the lake from peg 46 with 88lb 8oz.
Day One
Osprey Section One              Ryan Lidguard  82lbs 2oz                 
Osprey Section Two              Ross Harold  82lbs 4oz
Osprey Section Three           Carl Lee Hopps  72lbs 10oz  
Osprey Lake Winner              Rob Pennington  102lbs 4oz

Skylark Lake
Section One               Chris Weddell  50lbs 4oz      
Section Two               Graham Thorndyke  54lbs 10oz
Section Three             Steve Nattrass  65lbs 8oz
Skylark Lake Winner   Chris Lattimer  91lbs 0oz      

Falcon Lake
Section One               Allan Bickley  60lbs 12oz                  
Section Two               John Jowett  51bs 8oz                      
Section Three             Pete Tickle  72lbs 6oz
Falcon Lake Winner   Steve Parry  88lbs 8oz

Wednesday 7th November – Day Two

With the lakes fishing hard on the first day we was hoping for some better weights today. Osprey lake was a struggle due to the wind blowing straight down the lake, Luke Sears made the right choice by fishing down his edges with maggots and groundbait to catch f1’s and barbel for the lake win with 99lb 2oz from peg 9. Falcon Lake saw Chris Weddle who won his section on the first day, fishing a tidy match to take the lake with 75lb 0oz from peg 14 putting him and a perfect 2 points going into the last day. Skylark lake was unreal with Andy Bennett on peg 31 showing a masterclass on dobbing bread at 11.5m to catch carp to 10lb giving him that mighty lake win with 175lb 0oz. But more interesting on Skylark was Carl Lee Hopps with his section win putting him joint 1st over the two days.

Day Two
Osprey Section One              Paul Barnforth  78lbs 8oz    
Osprey Section Two              Luke Bamford  73lbs 2oz                  
Osprey Section Three           Glen Brown  62lbs 4oz
Osprey Lake Winner              Luke Sears  99lbs 2oz

Skylark Lake
Section One               Carl Lee Hopps  66lbs 0oz                
Section Two               Pete Archer  103lbs 2oz       
Section Three             Matt Bingham  113lbs 8oz   
Skylark Lake Winner Andy Bennett  175lbs 0oz

Falcon Lake
Section One               Simon Beswick  63lbs 0oz                
Section Two               Daz Shaw  64lbs 12oz           
Section Three             Paul Holland  62lbs 4oz                                             Falcon Lake Winner   Chris Weddle  75lbs 0oz       

Thursday 8th November- Day Three

With the overall looking really tight with only points deciding between the top 10 it was all to play for. Half way through the match Chris Weddle and Carl Lee Hopps were really struggling in the sections. But on Skylark Lake Luke Sears looked like he was running away with the festival, but was it going to be enough at the weigh in. Osprey fished really hard with no ripple on the water but Adam Southgate search about nicking odd fish on pellets to win the lake with 38lb 10oz from peg 6. Falcon Lake saw Ryan Lidgard on peg 44 catching on maggots short to weigh in 59lb 12oz. Skylark amazed again with Jack Danby dobbing bread on peg 30 to weigh 196lb 4oz for a lake win and top weight of the festival.

Day Three
Osprey Section One              Simon Beswick  29lbs 14oz  
Osprey Section Two              Mick Turner  38lbs 4oz
Osprey Section Three            Jim Barrowman 37lbs 2oz
Osprey  Lake Winner             Adam Southgate 38lbs 10oz

Skylark Lake
Section One                           Gary Middleton  42lbs 0oz               
Section Two                           Luke Sears  89lbs 2oz            
Section Three                         Alan Rainbow 127lbs 8oz
Skylark Lake Winner             Jack Danby  196lbs 4oz

Falcon Lake
Section One                           Craig Ebbrell & Scott Robinson 37lbs 8oz  
Section Two                           Andy Bennett  56lbs 12oz
Section Three                         James Howarth  54lbs 4oz    
Falcon Lake Winner               Ryan Lidgard  59lbs 12oz

The Results
Coming to the results it was really tight with only a point in it for first, But Luke Sears was crowned the Westwood Lakes Daiwa Autumn Classic Winner 2018 with 4pts and a total weight of 241lb 8oz. We would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who attended the event and also a big thank you to Daiwa for another year of sponsoring the festival hoping it will continue. For any information regarding the May Spring Classic Festival or the November Autmun Classic Festival please contact us on 01205 724162 and select option 1 also tickets are now on sale!!!

Overall Top Ten

1st     Luke Sears 241lbs 8oz 4pts

2nd     Andy Bennett 302lbs 10oz 5pts

3rd     Ryan Lidguard  200lbs 8oz 5pts

4th     Carl Lee Hopps 162lbs 6oz 5pts

5th     Chris Weddle  149lbs 8oz  5pts

6th     Jim Barrowman 141lbs 0oz 5pts

7th     Daz Shaw  157lbs 6oz  6pts

8th     Jack Danby 310lbs 12oz 7pts

9th     Steve Parry  198lbs 6oz  7pts

10th   Paul Holland  153lbs 2oz  7pts