Bank Holiday Open Match

Bank Holiday Monday 26th May 2014 (30 anglers) Skylark Lake

Ton up weights for todays Open Match on Skylark Lake.  Carl Lee Hopps (Westwood Lakes) Peg 22 provided the winning weight with a superb 124lbs 8oz.  Carl fished tight across to the island on expander pellet to catch mainly Carp and F1’s.  In second was Dan Abbott (Westwood Lakes) Peg 28 with 107lbs 14oz.  Third placed angler was Paul Jackson (Edgley Sports) Peg 40 with 100lbs 14oz.

1st Carl Lee Hopps (Westwood Lakes) 124lbs 8oz Peg 22

2nd Dan Abbott (Westwood Lakes) 107lbs 14oz Peg 28

3rd Paul Jackson (Edgley Sports) 100lbs 14oz Peg 40

4th Spike Milligan (Lincs County) 97lbs 2oz Peg 18

5th Tom Edwards (Sensas A4) 92lbs 14oz Peg 32