Baitech Teams of Three

Sunday 4th May 2014 Round 1 (42 anglers) Osprey & Skylark Lake

Fourteen teams contested the first round of the Baitech Teams of Three series of four matches.  Maver/Baitech won on the day with a score of nine points.  There is a tie in second with Team Shimano, Trentmen and Bag Em Matchbaits all level on sixteen points.  On the individual front Greg Cooper (Trentmen) drew Peg 9 on Skylark Lake and won with 117lbs 8oz.  Fishing tight to the island with expander pellet over 4mm feed pellet, Greg caught Carp, F1’s, Bream and Tench.  In second was Matt Pillay (Bag Em Matchbaits) Peg 33 on Skylark Lake with 107lbs 13oz.  Third placed angler on the day was Luke Morley (Stampys Three) Peg 11 (Osprey Lake) with 107lbs 4oz.

Team Result

1st Maver/Baitech 9 points

=2nd Team Shimano 16 points

=2nd Trentmen 16 points

=2nd Bag Em Matchbaits 16 points

=5th Stampys Three 17 points

=5th Team Baitech 17 points

Individual Result

1st  Greg Cooper (Trentmen) 117lbs 8oz Peg 9 Skylark Lake

2nd  Matt Pillay (Bag Em Matchbaits) 107lbs 13oz Skylark Lake

3rd Luke Morley (Stampys Three) 107lbs 4oz Osprey Lake