Falcon Open Match

Tuesday 2nd June 2015 (14 Anglers) Falcon Lake

The anglers were greeted with really windy conditions and this played havoc with the anglers ability to present their baits properly. First place went to Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) with a weight of 63lb 2oz from peg 39. Paul had a all F1 bag fishing pellet short. Second place went to Martin Read (Saxmundham) with a weight of 59lb 09oz from peg 33. Third was Tom Padgett (Guisley AC) with a weight of 55lb 14oz from peg 1.

1st Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) 63lb 2oz from peg 39
2nd Martin Read (Saxmundham) 59lb 09oz from peg 33
3rd Tom Padgett (Guisley AC) 55lb 14oz from peg 1
4th Roy Taylor (Westwood Lakes) 53lb 0oz from peg 7
5th Brian Molyneux (Smart Renders) 50lb 0oz from peg 5