Westwood Lakes Summer Classic Festival 2015

Up to £12,000 in Prize Money to be Won!!

7th/8th/9th July 2015


Middy Tackle will be proudly sponsoring the Westwood Lakes Summer Classic Festival 2015.  Matches will be held on Skylark, Osprey and Hawk Lake, rotating each day.

Entry fee is £120.00 per angler, which covers all peg fees and pools.  108 pegs available.

Based on sell out tickets:

  • 12 sections of 9 anglers per day paying £50 per section to winner (by default)
  • £400 per lake each day paying 1st- £150, 2nd- £125, 3rd- £75and 4th- £50

Overall payouts plus prizes from Middy Tackle (to be announced) as follows:

1st- £1500, 2nd- £1000, 3rd- £750, 4th- £500, 5th- £400, 6th- £350, 7th- £300, 8th- £200, 9th- £200, and 10th- £150

*Please note all above payouts as based on full ticket sales and are subject to change.  Overall results, will be on section points accumulated, in the result of a tie on points, the overall result will be decided on the anglers weight.  Full payment of £120.00 is required.  Payments accepted cash, card or cheques made payable to ‘Westwood Lakes Ltd’.
Telephone: 01205 724162
Email: sales@westwoodlakes.co.uk